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Открытие x1200 - 20 ИЮЛЯ ждем вас!

Мы обновили сервер, и подготовили для вас много интересных сюрпризов, присоединятесь к открытию 20 ИЮЛЯ. ОБТ сервера 18 ИЮЛЯ, акции, бонусы для стримеров, новые зоны!
Описание сервера

x1200 [NEW/OLD]


  1. DESCRIPTION OF X1200 SERVER   (4,700 visits to this link)

    Full description of the server, rates, events, heroism, clans, and bosses

  2. Promotions and contests / Events

    Current x1200 server contests, promotions, and promotional events

  3. ⚔️ Clan Section / Recruiting ⚔️

    Recruitment to the clan, alliance, clan battles. In this section, holivar between clans is allowed. Search clan party.

  4. 📝 Technical section 📝

    In this section, you can write to us about it:

    • About found error;
    • Report game vulnerabilities;
    • Submit a report on the players;
    • Submit your brilliant idea.

    In this section, topics are visible only to their authors, other users will not see your topic.

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  5. Free communication / Free speak

    Flood, forum games, free communication on various topics between users and players of the Impulse-World project.

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